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World's Longest Putt: Become a Part of Golf History!


It’s not often you receive a free invitation to become part of golf lore. But on Monday, March 30th, golfers in the greater Atlanta area will have that chance.

Along with the support from PGA TOUR Radio and PGA Tour Superstore, Odyssey is hosting the World’s Longest Putt; an opportunity for golfers to put their name in the Guinness World Records by making a hole-in-one from 140 yards out using an Odyssey putter. The hole is actually a modified par 4 that plays downhill.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio host Brian Katrek will be on-site to MC the event. Representatives from Odyssey will also be there to provide information and to film all the action (which hopefully includes a successful ace)! More details are below.


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