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Tips with Caroline


She’ll explain how and why Callaway Epic Fairway Woods can take your shots higher and longer.


She’ll show you the creative side of golf by sharing how she marks her Chrome Soft balls.


She’ll give you a simple, yet effective pointer to increase the accuracy of your putts. 


She’ll teach you how to correct some common mistakes in your iron swings.


She’ll give you the secret to her crisp chip shots.


In Tips with Caroline, Ladies European Tour pro Caroline Martens shares some of the pointers that have helped her perfect her golf game. These short videos are for any golfer looking to improve their game, whether you’re looking for longer drives, more accurate putts, crisper chip shots or even just cool ways to mark your balls.



Caroline will give you the steps to master transferring your weight through your driver swing, a technique which, if done correctly, can add up to 100 yards to your drive.


If you’re looking to improve your golf game, following the steps Caroline offers is an excellent place to start.  For more tips from Caroline and other experts, visit us on youtube.

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