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They Said It: "I Really Like Stenson at the Open"


AJ Voelpel

Callaway Media Productions’ most recent Solid 35 podcast featured golf industry moguls-turned “streamcast” extraordinaires Harry Arnett (@HarryArnettCG) and Nick Rafaelle (@NickRafaelleCG) picking the brain of former European Tour player turned-Director of Euro Tour Relations for Callaway, Peter Harrison. The topics: Links golf, Open Championship and the ever-changing landscape of the European Tour.

Below are some of our favorite lines and exchanges and where you can jump to find them on the podcast. But you should probably take our advice and listen to the whole thing.

Harry: Nick is perfectly merchandised today, he’s got the yellow shirt, black pants, black hat…he looks like he’s about to take the field for the 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Harry: This is only 35 minutes of your time. Think of all the things that take just 35 minutes; for people with hair, that’s about the time you can get a haircut.
Nick: I can get about 10 to 15 haircuts in that time.
Harry: Yeah, for you it’s one swipe.

Nick: Go back to your Euro Tour playing days, and then briefly explain today’s Tour schedule.
Peter: When I first played in 1979, the Tour started in late March/early April and finished in October and generally played only in Europe. Now it’s scheduled from the first week of January (South Africa) and goes to the week before Christmas. It’s very full and very international.  We now visit South Africa, Middle East, Australia, Asia. It shouldn’t be called the European Tour, it should be called the Anything Outside of the U.S. Tour.

“There were over 1,000 different players who played in a European Tour event last year. I think it was something around the 500 mark that there was a piece of Callaway or Odyssey product in the golf bag.”

Nick: Who do you think is in good form heading into the Open?
Peter: I really like Stenson. He’s such a good iron player, and this is gonna be a different golf course (not bone dry like the last Open there in 2006). Strong iron play is going to be of the essence. He’s my favorite at the moment.

Harry: I know last time was a totally unusual golf course being so fast and dry. What are you hearing about how Royal Liverpool will play?
Peter: Well the big difference is grass. There is going to be grass.
Nick: I’m not lying I was there (in ’06), it was so parched when you walked, powder came up from every step. It made Pinehurst look plush.

Nick: I think the Open Championship is one of the unique sporting events in all the world…I just think it is golf the way it was meant to be played.
Peter: The thing with links golf is that it makes you play every single shot in golf…Your brain has to totally be engaged when you get over here.

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