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Teeing Off: To Baba Booey Or Not To Baba Booey?


Jeff Newton

You hear them on almost every PGA Tour telecast: “Baba Booey!”, “Hump Daaaaay!”, and maybe even a “Mashed Potatoes!” here or there. Fans shouting out popular slogans right after a Tour player hits his shot.

For those who love the cheers, it’s a fun way to add a little extra life and humor to the sport. For the detractors of all the “yeah players!”, “yeah buddies!” and other loud catch phrases, it’s a distraction that takes away attention from the great golf in front of us. (That’s probably oversimplifying it a little bit, but you get where both sides are coming from).

In this week’s edition of Teeing Off, we want to play moderator by asking you, the fans, what you think. Do you like hearing them on TV? Or do you want them gone ASAP?

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