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Teeing Off: Do You Play A Tour Ball?


Jeff Newton

You just saw the topic in the title, so let’s jump right into today’s poll question, shall we?

1st question, and this should be an easy one: Do you play a Tour ball or a non-Tour ball?

Okay, so you could only answer “yes” or “no” and where’s the fun in that? So let’s spice it up a bit:

2nd question, it’s a 2-parter and we get into the specifics: Why do you play a Tour ball or a non-Tour ball? Why is that ball the right ball for you?

Boom! Now that’s more like it!

Tee off now on our poll and in the comments section. And for more on our golf ball selection, take a look at our Callaway Golf Ball page, featuring the HEX Chrome+ Tour ball, the 3-piece HEX Chrome and HEX Hot, and the rest of our lineup!