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Life On The Pirate Ship

Rhi-Peating Swings – Long Overdue


Rhiona Sullivan

Have you ever blinked your eyes and opened them only to find yourself two months down the road? No, you haven’t? Well, that’s what happened to me.

When I started this journey, bringing you all along with me, I had every intention of filling you in every two weeks. Not only filling YOU in but also teaching myself about my golf game through writing. It’s what I do. Write to learn.

But I got distracted. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’re kind of in a war. #YearTwo to be exact, and if I didn’t know this before, boy do I sure know it now.

War is exhausting, time-consuming and flat out tough. But also very rewarding. And while it’s hard to see the future, we’re winning mini battles along the way and I am confident in the outcome at the end of the #FiveYearWar, which in reality is really just a new beginning…

So, back to where we left off.

Golf and I spent the summer together. Like, really together. I joined a Country Club so we could see each other more often, and have a home course. Our weekly date spot, if you will. And in an attempt to push our relationship even further, I started setting intentions for time together.

Setting intentions is something I learned to do practicing Yoga over the years. Before each class, you set your intention for the practice. What you want to get out of the class; peace of mind, stretch a specific sore muscle, loosen up, or in the case of some Hot Yoga classes, make it through without throwing up.

For golf, my goal each time out was to get a PAR on the front 9 and a PAR on the back 9. The first few times I set this goal, it didn’t work out so well. I knew what holes were my best opportunities for PARs and as I played them and made bogey (or, gasp, double-bogey) I’d start panicking…

“I only have one more PAR hole on the front. Must. Swing. Hard. Hit. Ball. Far.” That led to plenty of mishits, 40 yard drives and skulled wedges. Luckily, they don’t call me putting magic for nothing.

(Alright, that’s a self-dubbed nickname and no one really calls me that considering there’s really nothing magic about my game BUT if I had to pick the highlight, it’d be my putting. So there.)

Unfortunately, you can make all the one-putts in the world but if it takes you a million shots just to get to the green, you’re not going to see a lot of PARs on the scorecard. (Yes, a million is a slight exaggeration but sometimes it literally feels like a million shots to get to the green. You’ve been there before, right? It’s not just me?!)

You know that saying, practice makes perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s a saying for a reason because while I was by no means perfect, all the practice was helping!

Rhiona-Giraffe-e1383252748928Slowly, I started making PARs on the holes I knew I could.

My tee shots on PAR 3s were landing on the greens and not short, or right.

I started to learn what club I hit 100 yards, 120 yards, and where I had gaps AND then how to solve for those gaps.

It was like the puzzle pieces were falling into place.

Golf and I were holding hands walking off into the sunset…

Then I blinked and it was October 31, 2013. I was sitting at my desk in a giraffe onesie and I hadn’t played golf in almost two months. What the…

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