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President Cupper Chris Kirk Casually Hits Ridiculous Backward Shots

Here’s a :15 edit with the GoPro angles…

If any of you have been to a commercial shoot before, you’re familiar with the downtime in between takes. While waiting for the crew to setup equipment, Kirk picked up an MD3 60° C Grind and just started casually hitting these massive flop shots over a Callaway tent. Who cares, you ask? Well he was basically standing underneath the thing.

Here are a few iPhone videos we strung together…

AJ Voelpel

If you told Chris Kirk he just won $20 million dollars in the Georgia lottery, he might give you a subtle thumbs up and/or a high low five. Did Kirk just win a Tour event, or order an All Star breakfast at Waffle House? You probably can’t tell the difference. (Though we did love his reaction when he drained that incredibly clutch putt at the Presidents Cup.)

Kirk is notorious for his cool and calm demeanor on (and off) the course. That’s why when you get to spend time with him (notably at ad shoots), you must have a camera handy because you don’t know when he’ll casually perform sorcery with a golf club. Something that he finds quite ordinary is generally a moment we’ll want to share with everyone we ever met golf fans around the world.

Take for instance these examples from a recent commercial shoot…

We were collecting MD3 wedge images at our Social/Digital Station with Kirk from inside a greenside bunker when he suddenly noticed a steep bank just over yonder. 


“You know, I can probably hit a backward shot from here to the green if you want,” he suggested in the most nonchalant way possible.


“Wait, you can really do that?” I asked. He studied the green located roughly 20 yards directly behind him and reconfirmed that it can likely be done.


We got our cameras ready: I held a GoPro for a wide shot, we setup a GoPro in the bunker, our photographer Chris Otsen used his iPhone 6 and Hashtag Chad held a GoPro right in front of Kirk.

Screenshot 2015-10-12 15.14.27

So if someone was to Snapchat the photo above, they’d obviously point out what an ABSOLUTE MANIAC Hashtag Chad was for sitting right in front of Kirk…


Anyway, he took a super wide stance with most of his weight on his right leg, opened the clubface and tilted his shoulders to match the slope.


He took a healthy swipe, causing the ball to literally pop straight up…


And then as if a monster gust of wind came through, the ball floated behind his head and landed on the green. (For the record, this was his second attempt.) I’ve seen backwards shots before, but not ones that covered this much distance and accuracy. It was UNREAL!


Here it is uninterrupted and in slow-mo.


Moral of the story? If you ever find yourself on the golf course with Chris Kirk, always have the camera rolling. We’re glad we did.