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GIFS: 12 Of The Best Moments So Far On Callaway Live


Chad Coleman

We’re 17 episodes deep into an amazing season 1 of #CallawayLive. Let’s celebrate by taking a look back at some of our favorite moments so far:

That time legendary sportscaster Dick Enberg re-enacted Phil’s greatest Masters moments (but it was actually just Ethan)

[WPGP gif_id=”8742″ width=”600″]

When Paige Spiranac shared her secrets on how to make a viral golf video

[WPGP gif_id=”8746″ width=”600″] [WPGP gif_id=”8748″ width=”600″]

(And we shared a sneak peek on Snapchat)

That time Mark Crossfield was more than just a golf guru

[WPGP gif_id=”8776″ width=”600″]

When golf architect Geoff Shackelford designed his PERFECT office putting course

[WPGP gif_id=”8744″ width=”600″]

Remember when we pitched FOX Sports’ Shane Bacon this brilliant idea of an emoji Protracer?

[WPGP gif_id=”8752″ width=”600″]

And then there was that time we revealed Baba Booey Mission Control to the Howard Stern Show’s Jon Leiberman 

[WPGP gif_id=”8754″ width=”600″]

(Our own Chris Velardo was super excited about Jon being on the show. Maybe a little TOO excited…)

When Tim Brando did these hilarious post-meeting interviews with Callaway marketing execs

[WPGP gif_id=”8756″ width=”600″]

…And then made us laugh when Harry’s mic went out in the middle of the show

[WPGP gif_id=”8758″ width=”600″]

When College Football analyst Joel Klatt put Callaway marketing employees through a RIGOROUS office training camp

[WPGP gif_id=”8760″ width=”600″]

When’s Amanda Balionis beat Harry in a Puttskee match LIVE on Periscope before the show (hashtag #embarrassing)

[WPGP gif_id=”8762″ width=”600″]

That time Alan Mulally told this great story about his first day as CEO at Ford Motor Company

[WPGP gif_id=”8764″ width=”600″]

When we were humbled by Tony Finau talking about how he learned the game by hitting balls indoors into an old mattress

[WPGP gif_id=”8766″ width=”600″]

And finally, when Gradon showed us proof that this whole Callaway Live thing was actually working! #Marketing

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