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Do-It-Yourself Custom Putter Series: Milled Collection RSX 001

Nate Adelman

There are certain words that really get me going as it relates to golf equipment: “forged,” “precision milled,” and “high density prepreg” are a few that immediately come to mind. “Carbon steel” is definitely on that list as well; there is something magical about the soft feel and crisp sound that comes with a carbon steel putter head. Even beyond its admirable playing qualities, carbon steel offers a level of aesthetic customization that simply cannot be achieved with other materials.

Crafted from carbon steel, the new Odyssey Milled Collection RSX putters are an expression of what is possible with putter design in terms of performance, acoustics, feel, manufacturing, and materials. A sleek matte black PVD finish gives them a Tour preferred look while the milled carbon steel body gives it exceptional precision and feel. The new RSX insert with our Sound Chamber technology make the ball roll pure and sound even cleaner.

To honor the launch of this remarkable line of putters, I thought there would be nothing better than demonstrating some custom modifications that can be done to a carbon steel putter head. I had the privilege of creating a one-of-a-kind putter with each of the three head shapes that are offered in the RSX line and I’m calling it the Do-It-Yourself Custom Putter Series. Not only that, but I am going to show you how I did each customization and will hopefully inspire all the putter dorks aficionados out there to head to their garage and add some character to your putters as well.

Lastly, we are very interested in seeing some of the customizations that you have done with your clubs. If you have something that you are proud of, head over to this thread on Callaway Community and post a photo of what you created along with a short description. At the end of the month, we will pick our five favorites and community members will vote on which they like the best. The winner will receive a special prize (and you guys know we don’t mess around with prizes).

Important disclaimer: Almost everything I am going to outline below has the potential to ruin your putter (or worse, you) if done improperly. Please exercise caution when using any power tools, harsh chemicals, open flames, and toxic fumes. I recommend practicing on old clubs before irreversibly changing your gamer or your brand new Milled Collection RSX. Furthermore, Callaway will not be held responsible for any personal, physical, or material harm incurred or putters damaged while attempting any putter customizations. Keep in mind that any of these modifications other than re-gripping will void your warranty and Callaway will not replace or repair any subsequent damaged products. With that, be safe, have fun, and go make something unique!

Gettin’ It Done With 001 

The 001 is such a gorgeous, classic blade head shape…but that doesn’t mean we can’t load it up with some technology to make it a bit more stable. We started with a raw head and my goal with this first project was to add the stability, feel, and performance of a counterbalance putter without the look, size and length of a traditional counterbalanced putter. So here we go…

1. Add Internal Head Weight
(Difficulty Level: Expert)

The bumpers at the heel and toe of the 001 allow for enough room to remove some of the soft carbon steel and replace it with heavier tungsten plugs. First we very carefully drilled out half-inch holes.


Then we plugged the holes with half-inch tungsten plugs, a relatively heavier material. With stainless steel, the tight fit is typically enough to keep them in place and keep moisture out. Carbon steel, however, is a softer material and can rust, so we lined the holes in the sole with a clear epoxy. Once we pushed inserted the plugs, we used a vice to squeeze the plugs and push out any air behind the tungsten. After they dry, the plugs will stick out beyond the sole of the putter. Using a grinding wheel, we sanded down the plugs to be smooth with the sole of the putter (as seen below).

My goal was for the putter to weigh in around 360-365g so that we have enough weight to counterbalance the grip. It ended up coming out to 363 grams, which was perfect!

2. Adding Counterbalance
(Difficulty Level: Intermediate)

A really simple way to counterbalance a putter is to purchase a grip that has an adjustable weight built into the back of the grip, but the selection of grips that have this are very limited. Another option is to drill into your existing grip and add a weight such as a TourLock counter weight. This works on any grip but I wanted my counterbalance to be invisible. So I chose to add a 20g weight into the butt end of the shaft. This is a very easy process. Simply epoxy the weight directly into the shaft prior to gripping (as seen below). Once the weight is glued into the shaft, you will have to grind away the lip of the weight so that the grip can slide onto the shaft easily.

3. Paint Fill
(Difficulty Level: Easy)

Paint filling is an easy and awesome way to make your club POP (and draw envy from your playing partners/opponents.)

Simply fill the letters and lines that you want to paint with the color of your choice. Let it dry for a few minutes and then lightly wipe off the excess with acetone or paint thinner, depending on the type of paint you are using. A few tips:

– Use an oil based paint or acrylic paint for best results.
– You can use a brush, bottle with needle point, among other things to apply the paint.
– When you wipe off the excess paint it will smear, so start with the inner most areas you want to paint and work your way towards the perimeter. Also, wipe away from any other locations with fresh paint.
– After you have wiped it all clean, let it dry for a few hours and reapply as needed.

And voila, the finished product…

That’s it for the first part of the Do-It-Yourself Custom Putter Series. Stay tuned next week when we completely trick out a Milled Collection RSX V-Line Fang!

I want to extend a big shout out to Dennis, Anthony, Wayne, Leo, Eddie, Filo, Espy, and Ramon (all from our Pro Tour team) who helped me out in the shop with all of the modifications that I wanted to make. Many of you are familiar with Anthony’s amazing work (just look at the guy’s Instagram page), but fewer of you are familiar with Dennis and his team. Dennis is the finest putter crasftsman that I have ever met. If a golfer can dream it, Dennis can build it even better than imagined…and always with a smile. He’s a magician in the shop and with his small team of wizards they are truly the unsung heroes behind every Odyssey win on Tour (and there’s a lot of those).

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