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7 Things to Know About the #7

Tony Toulon

Love your #7? You’re not the only one! Over the past decade, the #7 has followed in the footsteps of the Rossie and 2-Ball as legendary, progressive Odyssey shapes. Today the #7 is far and away Odyssey’s best-seller. Here are a few quick facts you may not have known:

1.  It only took 43 days from initial sketch to final prototype to create the #7 head shape.

**How It Was Built: The Secrets of the #7 Shape**

2. The #7 was launched on Tour and at retail in January 2006. In 2011, the #7 became Odyssey’s best seller.

3. The player who led the PGA Tour in Strokes Gained Putting in 2009, 2010, and 2011 used a #7. This non-staffer stills uses his #7 and is currently 3rd in Strokes Gained Putting on the Tour.

4.  There have been 24 Tour winning iterations of the #7.

  • These models include White Hot XG (38 total wins), White Hot (18),Versa 7 90 (10), Works (8), White Hot XG 7H (7), Versa 7 (10), Metal-X Milled (6), Tank (6), and many more.

5.  15 PGA Tour wins, 123 worldwide Tour wins, and 6 major championships, including at least one on the PGA, Champions, European, and LPGA Tours (dare we say the 7 slam).

6.  After Tom Watson won the 2011 Senior PGA Championship, we made a commemorative gold White Hot XG #7 for him. Little did we know that we would actually put this putter in play!

7.  The #7 features iconic fangs that project from the back of the head to both increase MOI and act as an alignment aid. O-Works #7 is available in our Black/White/Black and White/Black/White Versa color schemes.

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